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Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home

Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

Sometimes when we are led to pray for others, we tend to forget that we are not exempt from those prayers ourselves. On Memorial Day, I joined a group of leaders and pastors to pray against racism and social injustice. Each of us was given a topic to cover in prayer. My prayer focus was for God to heal those who experienced injustice and for the Lord to grant them beauty for ashes according to Isaiah 61:3. Little did I realize that this moment would begin a journey I did not plan to take.

A few days after the prayer event, the prayer request that I had made to the Lord for others still pressed upon my heart. This time the Holy Spirit led me to reflect on myself. His words to me were, “You are not exempt from those who need to be healed. You have experienced injustice too.” At that moment, a 21-year-old secret surfaced.

On June 14, 1999, my parents received a call that changed our lives forever. My oldest brother was dead—shot and killed by the Baltimore police. Unlike many innocent black men and women shot by the police, my brother wasn't doing the right thing and was rightly to be arrested. Yet he resisted arrest and led the police on a high-speed chase until his vehicle crashed. At the crash site, a police officer approached his vehicle and reported that he thought my brother was reaching for a gun and fired as many as 10 shots into my brother’s body. As a result, the officer was placed on paid administrative leave.

During a private investigation, the original police report was found to be falsified. Instead of one officer being involved in my brother’s killing, there were three officers. The death certificate read “shot numerous times” and revealed more than 10 bullet wounds ...

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The Generations in Your Church, Part 4: Millennials

Millennials are here and they are starting to take over in leadership roles today.

The Millennials are the most studied, talked about, and dissected group in history. They've been praised as the next great generation and, in some evangelical circles, the missionary generation.

I’m not going to address everything— or even many things— about Millennials here. My focus has been how generations work together and I am giving a very high-end look at generations for the interested observer.

The Pew Research Center asked, “How do Millenials Compare.” They answered:

In general, they’re better educated – a factor tied to employment and financial well-being – but there is a sharp divide between the economic fortunes of those who have a college education and those who don’t.

Millennials have brought more racial and ethnic diversity to American society. And Millennial women, like Generation X women, are more likely to participate in the nation’s workforce than prior generations.

Compared with previous generations, Millennials – those ages 22 to 37 in 2018 – are delaying or foregoing marriage and have been somewhat slower in forming their own households. They are also more likely to be living at home with their parents, and for longer stretches.

Here’s a few points for context.

Whatever your view is of Millennials, good or bad, they are adults (in their 20s and 30s!), and they are starting to take over in leadership roles today. That’s a key part of our discussion today.

Perhaps some historical references might provide a bit more context.

Like earlier generations, there are things that helped to shape Millennials. Terrorism has become a defining issue. It's worth noting that since 9/11, America's fear of terrorism has actually manifested ...

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